There is no longer any provision to include proof of TOEFL PBT (Paper-Based Test) test if you are applying for Australia Student Visa. Taking tough stand, the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) Australia recently announced decision to withdraw the test.

One of the reasons to pull out the test is that despite TOEFL PBT revision in October 2017, there was no measurement in place to judge a candidate on basis of his English speaking skills. Effective communication was what the test lacked on several fronts.

Now, a candidate will be eligible for Australia student visa if he clears either of these English language proficiency tests - International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Pearson Test of English – Academic (PTE), Cambridge English (CAE) or Occupational English Test (OET). Though Internet-Based Test of TOEFL is still valid, it is not favoured among tests in Australia, according to DHA sources.

Earlier, Paper-Based Test for TOEFL was recommended by majority of universities and colleges in Australia. A candidate was given three and half hours to complete the test which was in paper-delivered format. Along with the test, every candidate had to appear for Test of Written English - TWE® test with half an hour allotted to this writing test.

Comprising three sections, the PBT and TWE writing test included Listening comprehension, Reading comprehension, structure and written expression. One question in each section had to be answered with one essay written to earn a good score. Widely recognized by more than 9000 colleges, universities in more than 130 countries, TOEFL test is the widely respected English language test worldwide.



Administered in paper and pencil format, TOEFL PBT measured candidate’s ability to use and understand English language at college or university level. The test was conducted in manner in which a candidate was able to read, listen and write in English while performing academic tasks. It also included 30-minute writing test -  TWE® test. Test taker has to write a short essay on one topic so as to organize and generate ideas, support writing ideas with evidence or examples etc.

Listed below are different portions of Paper-Based Test –

  • In listening comprehension section, every candidate had to answer 50 questions within 30 to 40 minutes.
  • 25 minutes is the period allotted for Structure and Written Expression section. A total of 40 questions are asked.
  • Besides, there are 50 questions of Reading Comprehension to be answered within 55 minutes.
  • 1 topic running to 30 minutes was part of TWE® Test.

Out of 677 marks, a candidate had to score minimum 550 in TOEFL-PBT to enter into a reputed university.

With help of TOEFL PBT, every candidate managed to score high scores. Some of the criteria which every student followed before appearing for the test included –

  • Selection of formats: Whether it was Paper-Based Test or Internet-Based Test, a candidate was given a choice to register for the format of his liking. He could prefer PBT format if writing was what he opted more than typing.
  • Reading section: To improve vocabulary and concentration levels, every candidate appearing for reading test had to read several fiction and non-fiction books written by American and British authors.
  • Writing Section: Students were advised to write an essay on any topic per day. They used to come up with new words and use them in different sentences.
  • Listening section: To develop nuances of English language, a candidate was advised to listen to radio, music, television and movies.

With TOEFL PBT test scrapped by Australia authorities, there are other tests you can choose from so that you could be enrolled in the best university in Australia. Our expert guidance and help from our counsellors with immediate solutions can get you a student visa to Australia on time. So why delay? Post your queries about TOEFL on our International Student forum and get solutions right away. In case you have the requirement where you must appear for TOEFL iBT then do not forget to buy the TOEFL Voucher and avail discount on the Exam booking fee at TOEFL Tutorials.

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