Listening Test Format

TOEFL Listening section assesses a candidate’s ability to understand and comprehend spoken English. Test taker must be able to listen to lectures and conversation in English in academic environment. The lectures and conversations are mostly related to University life.

Time No. of Tasks
60-90 minutes 6 questions per lecture & 5 questions per conversation

In TOEFL Listening test, you will wear a headset to hear the conversations and lectures. There are 2-3 conversations. Each is about 3 minutes long and has 5 multiple choice questions. There are 4 or 6 lectures, each of those about 3 to 5 minutes long and has 6 multiple choice questions. In the Listening section, you will only hear the conversations and lectures one time. Also you must answer the questions in the order that they are presented. In this section, you can't go back to previous questions. You will have 60 to 90 minutes to complete the section.

TOEFL Listening Question Format

  • Multiple Choice Questions with one or more answers.
  • Multiple Choice Questions: Most of these questions are with single answer. Only some of them have more than 1 answer and such questions are applicable for partial credit score.
  • Put in Order: Some questions demand you to put the events in order or arrange the steps of a process
  • Match the following: These questions require you to match the objects or texts to the categories given in the table

TOEFL iBT Listening Score

The score range of TOEFL iBT Listening exam is from 0 to 30. The Listening section is scored by computer. This section comprises of 34-51 tasks which are based on lectures, classroom discussions and conversations.

Below are the levels as per the scores given:

Level Score
High 22-30
Intermediate 15-21
Low 0-14