TOEFL Reading section determines a candidate’s ability to comprehend academic passages successfully. These passages are taken from university level textbooks so as to assess if a candidate is capable to read and understand the type of writing used in academic setting.

In this section, the passages will cover different subjects. The information required to answer the questions will be included in these passages. So, a test taker is required to read them carefully.

Time No. of Passages No. of Questions
60-80 minutes 3-4 12-14 per passage

TOEFL Reading Question Format

  • Multiple Choice Questions:Questions with 4 choices and a single answer
  • Insert a Sentence:Questions with 4 choices and a single answer
  • Reading to Learn:Questions with more than 4 choices and more than 1 answers

All these questions demand candidates to sort information and put the options provided in either a summary or a category chart.

Summary questions are of 2 points each.

Chart questions are of up to 3 points each if it has five options and up to 4 points each if it has seven options.

Each passage in TOEFL Reading section is accompanied by a 'Reading to Learn' question type. This type of questions basically determines a test taker's ability to identify how the passage is organized and to understand different relationships among the ideas mentioned in the passage.

TOEFL iBT Reading Score

The score range of TOEFL iBT Reading section is from 0 to 30. This section is scored by computer. Moreover, this section comprises of 36-56 tasks which are based on reading passages in context to the academic setting.

Here are the different levels as per the given scores:

Level Score
High 22-30
Intermediate 15-21
Low 0-14