Speaking Test Format

TOEFL Speaking section measures your ability to speak English effectively. In this section, a variety of topics are covered that are based upon some personal experiences, academic curriculum or campus-based situations.

TOEFL Speaking Test determines an aspirant’s ability to speak English effectively in academic environment including both inside and outside the classroom. A variety of topics based upon personal experience, academic setting and campus-based situations are covered in this section.

Time No. of Tasks
20 minutes 6 (2 independent & 4 integrated)

Task Types in TOEFL Speaking Exam

Independent Tasks

The first two tasks are independent tasks. You will be given a topic to speak about with no additional reading or listening passages.

Task 1: Personal Reference

In this task, you will ask to speak or provide your personal opinion about a person, place object or an event that is familiar to you. For example, talk about important places you visited or the memorable events attended and such similar questions. You need to express his views and give a proper explanation.
Preparation time: 15 seconds
Response time: 45 seconds

Task 2: Choice

In Task 2, you will be presented with two situations, choices or onions. Let’s say, a question representing two contradictory behaviours or actions. For example, some people think it is more fun to spend time with friends in bar or cafes. Which do you think is better? You need to make a choice and then explain it as per your preference. Preparation time: 15 seconds
Response time: 30 seconds

Integrated Tasks

Out of 4 integrated tasks, two assesses reading, listening and speaking skills together whereas the other two measures only the listening and speaking skills.
Task 1: Campus Situation [Read/Listen/Speak]

You will be getting a reading passage discussing a campus situation of about 75-100 words and then will listen a recording that response to the topic provided in the reading passage. You need to read the passage and listen to the speaker’s response. You will be asked what the opinion of a speaker in the listening passage and you need to explain how that speaker’s opinion relates to the issue presented in the reading passage. So basically you are summering and combining the information from tow sources.
Preparation time: 30 seconds
Response time: 60 seconds

Task 2: Academic Course [Read/Listen/Speak]

In this task you will read a passage about an academic subject and then you will listen a part of conversation that provides the detailed information about the same topic with a suitable example. In your response you need to speak about how the example used to support or illustrators the term or concept provided in the reading passage.
Preparation time: 30 seconds
Response time: 60 seconds

Task 3: Campus Situation [Listen/Speak]

In this task you will listen a part of a conversation about a campus related problem and one or more solution would be providing in the recording. You need to describe the problem and then provide your own opinion about what the best solution should be.
Preparation time: 20 seconds
Response time: 60 seconds

Task 4: Academic Course [Listen/Speak]

In this task, you will listen a part of recording about an excerpt from a lecture explaining a term or process, which is supported by an example. You need to straight forward summarize the lecture and exhibit your understanding of how the example relate to the overall topic.
Preparation time: 20 seconds
Response time: 60 seconds

TOEFL iBT Speaking Scoring Criteria

Each of the 6 tasks in TOEFL iBT Speaking section is rated from 0 to 4. The total is then converted to the scaled score of 0 to 30.

  • Delivery
  • Language Use
  • Topic Development

Delivery refers to how fluid is your speech along with good pronunciation and natural pace & intonation.

Language Use covers how well you make use of Vocabulary and Grammar to convey your opinions and ideas.

Topic Development assesses your ability to connect ideas logically i.e. Coherence and Cohesion is determined.

ETS (Educational Testing Service)- certified scorers rate the responses and evaluate them on the basis of above parameters.

Below is the level for given scores:

Level Score
Good 26-30
Fair 18-25
Limited 10-17
Weak 0-9