Writing Test Format

TOEFL Writing exam determines a test taker’s ability to write in English effectively in an academic environment. It requires a candidate to present his English writing skills in a clear, precise, logical and well-structured manner.

Time No. of Tasks
50 minutes 2 (1 Integrated & 1 Independent)

Task Types in TOEFL Writing Test

In the Writing section you will complete two writing tasks in 50 minutes by typing your responses into the computer. In the first task, you will read a passage and listen to a short lecture, then write your response. You will have 20 minutes to write your response. In the second task, you will be asked your opinion on an issue and you will have 30 minutes to write your response and that's it

Integrated Task

[Writing from experience & knowledge]

In this task, you will be provided an excerpt from a lecture, a written article and a question related to it. You first need to read the passage, then listen to a lecture that somehow contradicts the situation given in the reading passage and finally write a summary on the important points discussed in the lecture in relation to the reading passage.
Time: 20 minutes

Independent Task

[Writing from experience & knowledge]

In this task, you will be presented with a question that will ask about your opinion. This task is a type of an easy. There is no maximum word limit for this task but a good response is usually at least 300 words. As it’s an independent task so no recording or a passage would be provided in this task. You need to provide your own opinion on the topic or probably you will ask a question like; do you agree or disagree? Or which would you prefer?

Candidate must write an essay that clearly states, explains and supports his/her ideas and opinions regarding the given question.
Time: 30 minutes

TOEFL iBT Writing Scoring Criteria

Two tasks are rated from 0 to 5 and then the sum is converted to a scored scale of 0 to 30. Both the tasks are assessed on the following criteria:

  • Integrated Writing Task is evaluated with these parameters – Development, Organization, Grammar, Vocabulary, Accuracy and Completeness
  • Independent Writing Task is scored on these factors – Overall Writing Quality, Development, Organization, Grammar and Vocabulary

However, the writing tasks are sent to ETS (Educational Testing Service) Online Scoring Network. Both the integrated and independent tasks are rated by four raters – 2 human raters for integrated task and 1 human rater & 1 e-rater for independent task.

Here is the level for the scores provided:

Level Score
Good 24-30
Fair 17-23
Limited 1-16
Weak 0